Joie Sink Strainer & Plug - Joie Series
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Joie Sink Strainer & Plug – Joie Series


  • Joie Sink Strainer & Plug, also called a basket strainer, plugs sink drains to collect water as needed for washing dishes and produce. The mesh strainer allows water to flow through freely while collecting unwanted bits of food and debris to keep sinks free from clogged drains.
  • No more fishing jewelry and other small objects from the drain! Great for all sink drains, including the kitchen sink, bathroom, laundry, and workshop utility sinks, even garbage disposals. They make cleaning easier and bring a touch of style

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  • Joie Sink Strainer & Plug helps draw water in sinks as needed and catches debris to keep them free from clogged drains
  • Resists rust; fits all standard size sink drains
  • Push down to plug drain and draw water for washing dishes; pull stopper up to drain sink; basket catches unwanted food bits and debris
  • Ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks, laundry and workshop utility sink drains and garbage disposals
  • Easy to use, empty and clean; hand wash in warm, soapy water as needed.

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