Hammer Cutlery Set
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Hammer Cutlery Set

 281.00 353.00

Our hammer range elevates the aesthetics of your tableware by giving it a unique and visually appealing design element. Your guests won’t be able to get their eyes off the hammered look.

The spoons also have an ergonomic design. The hammer emboss gives the user a perfect grip and a noble feeling.

Dinner spoons are used for main dishes. They can also be used for curries and rice dishes. It’s always paired with a dinner fork of the same length or. Our classic tea spoon is a part of most traditional place setting. Its used for a wide variety of servings such as tea, coffee, desserts and cereals. > View Size Chart

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  • Set of 6 spoons
  • Premium Stainless steel
  • Mirror finish, Smooth edges, Glossy look
  • Food Grade
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Premium Quality Extra Thick
  • Can complement any dinnerware
  • Contemporary designs which are all versatile for everyday dining
Product Name Full Height Handle Length Mouth Diameter
Tea Spoon 13 cm 8.5 cm 2.5 cm
Master Spoon 15.5 cm 10 cm 3.5 cm
Dinner Spoon 18 cm 12 cm 4 cm
Dinner Fork 18 cm 12 cm 2 cm

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Tea Spoon 6 pcs set, Master Spoon 6 pcs set, Dinner Spoon 6 pcs set, Dinner Fork 6 pcs set

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