Dip-Dip Ladle Plus (Large)
 73.00 95.00


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Dip-Dip Ladle Plus (Large)

 73.00 95.00

Our Large Dip Dip Ladle is an angular deep ladle. It has sleek design and elegant handle ensures perfect grip and balanced feel in the server’s hand. It is a tilted L shaped spoon with a deep bowl that makes it easy to serve rasgulla, gulab jamun, vegetables with gravy, curries, etc. The deep bowl and angular spoon ensures that the liquid does not spill out on your precious table decor. > View Size Chart

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  • Ergonomically constructed using high quality stainless steel
  • Food Grade
  • Dish washer Safe
  • Smooth and sturdy construction, will last for many years to come.
  • Prepare your food effortlessly
Product Name Handle Length Mouth Diameter Mouth Depth
Large Ladle 1 9.5 cm 4 cm 2 cm
Large Ladle 2 9.5 cm 5.5 cm 2.5 cm

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