Ladle Plus (Large)
 123.00 462.00


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Ladle Plus (Large)

 123.00 462.00

Our large ladle has a Deeper bowl than a Ladle. It is an all purpose ladle, is made of top-grade Stainless Steel and is perfect to use with any kind of cooking and serving. It is ideal for every day cooking, and is extremely sturdy. This ladle has a perfectly curved spout that ensures drip-free ladling, and the deep bowl offers generous capacity. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold at any angle.

Ideal for cooking & soups, curries, stews and juices. This ladle has a striking presence and transitions easily to the dining table. > View Size Chart

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  • Ergonomically constructed using high quality stainless steel
  • Food Grade
  • Dish washer Safe
  • Features a hole on the handle to hang
  • Smooth and sturdy construction, will last for many years to come.
  • Prepare & Serve your food effortlessly
Product Full length Mouth diameter
Ladle Plus (Large) 1 18 cm 5 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 2 21 cm 5.5 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 3 25 cm 7 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 4 28 cm 7 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 5 31.5 cm 8 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 6 33.5 cm 8 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 7 36 cm 8 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 8 36 cm 9 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 9 38.5 cm 9 cm
Ladle Plus (Large) 10 39 cm 9.5 cm


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