Heritage Cooking & Serving Spoon Set
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Heritage Cooking & Serving Spoon Set

 254.00 315.00

A jewel among the array of cutlery sets that Ramson has. This enchanting serving spoon set will take you on a sumptuous, ethnic ride for the food that you try with it. The handles have a non slip grip and  are made of heat-resistant material. Bring warmth and style on your table with our easy to use serving sets. It is one of the most useful serving set, priced at its best. > View Size Chart

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  • Premium Stainless steel
  • Food Grade
  • Dish washer Safe
  • Smooth, sturdy, goes well with your existing flatware set.
  • Show your taste when serving your guests with these serving spoon sets.
Product Name Full Height Handle Length Mouth Diameter Mouth Depth
Oval Plus 27 cm 18.5 cm 6 cm na
Basting Spoon 27 cm 19 cm 6 cm na
Basting Plus 28 cm 19 cm 6.5 cm na
Ladle 1 26 cm 19.5 cm 6 cm 2 cm
Ladle 2 31 cm 24 cm 8 cm 3 cm
Rice Server 28 cm 18 cm 7 cm na
Skimmer 33 cm 23.5 cm 8 cm na
Deep Skimmer 36 cm 24 cm 11 cm na
Elite Turner 32 cm 23.5 cm 8 cm na
Turner Slotted 35.5 cm 24 cm 7.5 cm na
Frying 35 cm 24 cm 10 cm na
Soup Server 27 cm 18.5 cm 6 cm na

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Oval Plus, Basting Plus, Basting, Ladle 1, Ladle 2, Ladle 3, Rice Server, Skimmer, Deep Skimmer, Elite Turner, Turner Slotted, Frying, Soup Server

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