Colander with handle
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Colander with handle

 238.00 298.00

Drain rinse and wash everything from cold fruits and vegetables to hot boiled rice,noodles, pastas, pulses, etc effortlessly and safely. The perforated nature of the colander allows liquid to drain through while retaining the solids inside. The holes are perfectly sized for washing and straining. Drains liquids quickly and easily even when its hot. It acts like a strainer or a kitchen sieve. This colander expands when you need to use it and folds flat for space efficient storage. It is a must-have in every kitchen because of its space saving design.

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  • Ideal for draining rinsing and washing a variety of hot and cold items such as hot pasta or noodles or pulses and rice to cold fruits and vegetables
  • Space saving design – Expand to use and collapse to store
  • Heat resistance upto 40 degrees celcius.
  • Food grade material
  • Do not use in microwave

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