Silicone Spatula
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Silicone Spatula


Your kitchen missing a spatula? We can’t emphasise enough on the joy of scraping the sides of mixing bowls for every last bit of you batter while still keeping your hands clean! The silicone spatula combines flexibility of a traditional rubber spatula with the heat-resistance qualities of a metal utensil. Silicone Tools are ideal for everyday cooking.

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  • Multipurpose spatula can be used for both cooking and baking requirements – Use it to mix ingredients together, fold cream or use it flip your eggs, pancakes and even sandwiches
  • Heat Resistance – Silicone tools are designed to withstand heat much better than plastic tools
  • Safety around cookware – It’s highly recommended for non stick cookware as silicone will not damage Teflon® or other non-stick coatings
  • Made of food grade silicone
  • Silicone is non-porous so doesn’t retain odours or flavours
  • Cleaning your silicone spatula – Cleaning is a breeze because of the nonstick qualities. Hand wash the brush immediately after use or soak in warm water to prevent all the contents from hardening




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