Silicone Cake Mould Heart
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Silicone Cake Mould Heart


Silicone bakeware being light weight is ideal for transporting your baked goods. Silicone bakeware is fun, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Best of all it helps produce delicious treats to share with your family and friends. Use them for both sweet treats and savoury snacks, also they make great little serving cups for parties – use them for nuts, candies, jellybeans etc, their cute shapes and fun colours van really fancy up a party platter!

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  • Multitask with Silicone – Use them to make cupcakes, muffins and chocolates; or set in some cold treats such as jellies, mousse, popsicles and other frozen desserts; or freeze some inspiring shaped ice cubes for the punch bowl. They are even great to make bread or mini pies and quiches. So don’t just make desserts – use them for all they’re worth!
  • Withstand Temperature – High resistance to heat and cold varying from levels – 40 degrees celcius to 250 degrees celcius. They’re freezer, refrigerator, microwave and oven safe
  • Highly Flexible – Which means super easy removal; It ensures removing cakes, muffins, choclates etc by mere flexing the mould. No more fear of your special cake not releasing from the mould
  • Highest Quality Non-Stick Material – It is made from 100% pure and high quality FDA-approved food grade silicone
  • Easy to Store – The combination of flexibility and light weight also makes silicone products easy to store. Such material allows you to bend, twist and fold for easy and space-efficient storage and it has “memory” that will allow it to spring back into shape. The great thing about these baking cups and moulds is that they stack brilliantly





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