Indigo Measuring Spoon 6pc set
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Indigo Measuring Spoon 6pc set


Measuring spoons are essential for every kitchen. You won’t find many recipes that don’t require measurements of some kind. Proper measuring of ingredients is important to successful cooking and baking. Using the proper measuring spoons for the project at hand will help you attain consistency and delicious results — regardless of what you’re cooking, from rich sauces to risotto to light and airy decorated cakes. These are definitely a must-have and very handy while trying new recipes.

Set of 6 include 1 Table Spoon, 1/2 Table Spoon, 1Tea Spoon, 1/2 Tea Spoon, 1/4 Tea Spoon and 1/8 Tea Spoon

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  • Food Grade
  • Essential Tool for every modern kitchen
  • A Ring Lock to Keep all spoons tied so none gets lost and can be stored easily
  • Can be used to measure both dry and liquid ingredients

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