H.A. Sauce Pan
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H.A. Sauce Pan

 722.00 1,275.00

Hard Anodized Cookware presents the ideal cooking surface for traditional cooking with normal quantities of oil or butter. Foods that need to be browned or crisped will cook fast and well. Cooking that uses sufficient water or other cooking liquids will also do well in Hard Anodized Cookware. Also this type of cookware is developed for kitchens to take the abuse of being used to cook multiple dishes per day and designed to last many years.

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  • Anodized cookware or Hard Anodized cookware is twice as hard than a aluminium or a stainless steel cookware with wonderful properties for cooking
  • This surface is scratch resistant to a high degree, non – toxic, non – staining and non – reactive with foods. This means you can cook acidic or alkaline foods – such as tomatoes or lemon juice without worry that they will pick up a metallic taste of the pan.
  • It heats fast and evenly and will not spoil when placed on high heat.
  • It is tough and durable, will not tarnish or corrode and will stay new looking for years.
  • Metal ladles can be used.
  • Use & Care: Hand wash with dish soap in warm to hot water. Use a rag, sponge, or other soft cleaning scrub pad to scrub away any food residue or surface staining. Difficult stains can be removed with other formulas, including a baking soda paste or immersing the pot in some vinegar.

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