Cast Iron Element Kadai with Glass Lid
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Cast Iron Element Kadai with Glass Lid

 3,795.00 5,055.00

This Enameled Cast Iron Cookware is rust-proof & stick resistant. You can use it straight out of the box and enjoy all the benefits of cast iron without worrying about corrosion or food sticking. No need to spend endless hours seasoning, scrubbing, and maintaining it.

The sturdy construction of this iron Cookware ensures even heat distribution, while the stay-cool handles make it safe and easy to use in the kitchen. 

It is compatible with all sorts of cooktops, including induction, and you can conveniently use it in the OTG (up to 220˚C), too. 

This Ramson’s Cast Iron Cookware is the ultimate cookware for your kitchen needs!

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Nonstick Properties: Titanium-Enamel, absorbs cooking oils and creates a nonstick layer without chemical coating. 

Durability: Even more resistant to scratching, chipping, and corrosion than regular cast-iron.

Anti Rust: Has anti rust properties.

Light Weight: Has thin walls making it lighter than traditional cast iron.

Easy Cleanup: Rinse with warm water and a gentle scrub. No harsh detergents.

Versatility: Use on various cooking surfaces, including stovetops, ovens, grills, and even induction cooktops.

Heat Distribution: Heat retention and even heat distribution. Safe upto 500°C.

Hard surface: Safe to use metal spatulas.

Modern Aesthetics with casting handle: Modern appearance with heat resistant handles.

Health Benefits: Can add small amounts of iron to food. Beneficial for those with iron deficiencies.

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