Squisk - reconstructed balloon whisk
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Squisk – reconstructed balloon whisk


Squisk is a different kind of whisk.We’ve opened up the loops which allows us to get longer and thicker legs, giving more surface area without losing any flexibility. And more surface area means faster whisking and mixing. The thicker legs also allow us to place holes at the end of each leg to help introduce air into mixtures. On a practical level the elongated shape is easier to get into the corners of bowls or pans and the final bonus – it’s easier to clean. So now you can whip up double cream in double time

Üutensil is a British company that designs exciting and innovative kitchen products. The modern and stylish utensils stand out in your kitchen. They use a blank slate approach to cooking tasks that allows for new and better ways of preparing food.                                                                               Üutensil – changing the way we cook.

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  • Unique shape designed to introduce more air
  • Works 40% faster than a regular whisk
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe




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