Glass Holder
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Glass Holder

 593.00 603.00

The perfect solution to store your everyday glasses. This glass holder has a dual purpose; use it to drip dry glasses after wash so that they can be stored later or just leave them there and use it to hold glasses for daily use. Since glasses are the most used items this is perfect to place glasses either on the dining table or on your kitchen counter. No need to worry now about your expensive glasses, place them systematically after wash to ensure safety.

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  • Can hold minimum 6 glasses. Additional glasses can be stacked.
  • Glass holder is used to store glasses, ideally near a water dispenser.
  • Attractive design. Can be placed on kitchen counter top for additional functionality
  • The plastic draining tray allows easy collection of excess water and is also very easy to clean
  • Product Contents – 1 holder and 1 drip tray
  • Made in PRC

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