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Corkscrew Twister – VacuVin


The VacuVin Corkscrew Twister provides an ideal solution to the age-old problem of removing corks from wine bottles. The device features a specially-designed frame that slides effortlessly onto the neck of any wine bottle. Once in place, the corkscrew is held firmly in position by a series of rubber grips. Simply twist the spiral until the cork is extracted. This corkscrew is easy to operate and requires very little strength.


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  • Corkscrew Twister Instructions
      • Place the Corkscrew onto the neck of the bottle and hold it with one hand
      • Insert the spiral into the frame
      • Twist the handle in a clockwise direction until the cork is extracted
      • Remove the frame from the bottle
  • Fits all wine bottles
  • Easy to Use
  • Product Dimension – 7.5 x 5 x 19.6 cm

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