Active Cooler Champagne - VacuVin
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Active Cooler Champagne – VacuVin


The Active Cooler Wine chills your champagne within minutes, without ice! Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Active Cooler! They can best be described as super cold flexible ice jackets. Simply store them in the freezer and slip over the bottle to chill your champagne bottle within minutes and keeps it cool for hours. The coolers are unbreakable and reusable. Store it flat in the freezer so they are always ready to go.

For the best effect, it is recommended to keep the cooling element in the freezer for 8 hours at a temperature of -18º celcius or -0.4 Fahrenheit

Note: To clean the Rapid Ice only use a damp cloth; do not immerse, do not put in dishwasher, do not clean with abrasive or aggressive agents.

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  • VacuVin Active Champagne Cooler Instructions
      • Place the Active Ice Coolers in the freezer for 8 hours to activate the cooling gel
      • When frozen, slide the cooler onto the bottle for perfectly chilled drinks in minutes
  • Keeps drinks cool for hours
  • Light in weight and the fold flat design allows for easy storage and you can carry it for picnics, barbecues
  • Designed to fit any standard size champagne bottle
  • Made of FDA approved non-toxic gel
  • Made in Netherlands
  • Product Dimension – 15.5 x 3 x 21.5 cm

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